Adjudicate claims in real-time. All of our products can be designed for real-time adjudication, so that you eliminate the need to process claims manually. You can choose the parameters that are right for your program – eligibility, benefits limitations, flexibility, and customized layouts. Programs reduce administrative cost of claims adjudication. Option to pay providers in real-time and provide incentives to employees. Funding can be provided in real-time to employees for medical expenses and can be limited to specific medical providers.


Reports can be observed instantly via our Dashboard and online Web Portal and scheduled. See a claim approved or denied in real-time. Communications to merchant, provider, and employees. Message employees in real-time for reminders and other important notifications, improving compliance and adherence. Custom options include: Custom texting program, automatic enrollment, scheduled reminders, surveys, compliance and adherence programs, web links, point of sale notifications, scheduled and ad-hoc messaging, and financial incentives. Higher observed compliance and adherence rates.